Learning how to hunt is critical for survival when you are lost in the woods or even when your city’s infrastructure has been destroyed because of a disaster. You can find game in many urban areas or only a few miles outside of any city. You can expect to find geese, ducks, squirrels and pigeons in an urban environment.

Just because you have a hunting weapon does not mean you will be able to feed yourself. You must know how to use that weapon, in other words you must learn how to hunt. You will need to learn how to handle your weapon, and learn about the game you are hunting, where to find them, identify their tracks and then learn how to process the game once killed. There are several different types of weapons you can use but a firearm is probably the most versatile and accurate weapon for anyone just starting out.

To be successful and to prevent starvation you must develop your hunting skills before you are called upon to provide for yourself and family in an emergency. Stress and lack of skill is a recipe for failure in a survival situation. There are things you never attempt without the needed skills and hunting is one of those things.

Before you can have a successful hunt, it is crucial that you must practice with a weapon and strengthen your hunting skills. If you chose to use a bow and arrow, you should spend many hours practicing shooting targets so you are comfortable and proficient at shooting. Extra precaution must be taken with firearms and safety courses should be attended in preparation of hunting.

There are likely groups in your area that you can join to get training on archery, firearms, and setting traps. Seek out others with hunting skills through internet meetup groups, outdoor supply stores, and local clubs.

Once you are familiar with your weapon or method of hunting, you must get into the woods and hunt but in a controlled situation. You want to learn your skills before a disaster strikes so your failures while training will not have an impact on lives. It will take patience and trial and error to learn the game you are hunting. The investment you put into your hunting skills today will save lives in the future when you are called upon to provide food by hunting.