Natural Disasters

The most run of the mill, normal, average person wants to be prepared for natural disasters and isn’t too much worry about anything else. A simple power outage or a tornado or bad winter storm that closes roads is a “normal” and ‘non-paranoid’ thing to be concerned about.

For these people, the answer to the question of how to be a prepper is simple. Stock up on flashlights, batteries, an extra can of gas in case your car is low, and at least a week’s supply of food. Add in a couple of cases of bottled water and you are suddenly qualified as a prepper for a run-of-the-mill emergency.

Economic Collapse

Once you start talking about how to be a prepper for a nationwide emergency, then you are starting to be in the big leagues of prepping. If you are worried about an economic collapse and want to prepare, then you need to think about having most of your assets in precious metals and hard assets like real estate. You want to have as little debt as possible.

Prepping for an economic collapse also means that you will need to be prepared in the food/water/power department for a more extended period of chaos where it will be difficult or very expensive to get life’s basic necessities.

Chances are that things will reach a “new normal” after several weeks, so you’ll need provisions to get you through at least that long. You can be assured that if panic sets in at the grocery stores, the shelves will be emptied out just like a toy store on Black Friday.

SHTF Scenarios

The person who is preparing for an SHTF (“Sewage” Hits The Fan) scenario is usually thinking more along the lines of a nuclear event or a total societal breakdown. This person is a survivalist who takes a lot of time to prepare for self-defense and even a “bugout” location where he can escape the dangers, riots, and pandemonium of the urban population centers.

Now that you know how to be a prepper, or at least what frame of mind to adopt, it is time to think about each of these three scenarios happening at the worst possible time. The worst possible time is when you are away from your home, in your car, driving somewhere or maybe just commuting.

When you think about how to be a prepper, most people think of reacting to an emergency situation from the comfort of their home. They forget that they spend a LOT of time in their car or at work, far from the supplies that they think they can count on during an emergency.